Mission & Objectives

£5 Million  Annual  fund raising target

200  Businesses grants  & practical support  invested
300  Mentoring relationships created
100  Recruitment opportunities  given

  • Enabling underprivileged communities to connect with big organisations, reach their full potential and grow diverse business talent.
  • Using sport and entertainment to drive meaningful action and create economic opportunities.
  • Empowering leaders to rise out of the Covid-19 crisis and inspire marginalised communities.
  • Historic initiatives providing grants to help support and mentor BAME business owners, students, unemployed and entrepreneurs

Aspirations for Engagement with Legacy Partnerships

Inspiring the next generation of supporters
Sports and entertainment stars involved in business mentoring, Q&A sessions with schools and business networks set up by Equality is Legacy
Developing skills, contacts and capacity to open doors beyond this season
Black, Asian and minority network events, female & LGBTQ+ engagement. Helping grow diverse business talent
Youth business schools for those aged 15- 22 hosted by Equality is Legacy / University Partners and Chelsea FC foundation

Operational Plan

  • The main event will be the celebrity and legends football BIG match to be held annually, starting 2021.
  • Diverse and inclusive business council to provide practical support to our grant invested members.
  • We will guarantee strong governance via a Non-Executive Management Board to provide oversight.
  • Ensuring that ‘Equality is Legacy’ delivers its objectives and achieves good financial outcomes.
  • Set up as CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) reporting to charities commission.

95% of black community spend is outside black community
3% goes to non-black owned suppliers of black products
2% spent in black owned business

According to the IPA report the spending power of the black consumer in the UK is worth £300 billion

Premier league generated £4.9bn 2017-18
£2.8bn paid in total club wages
33% of all premier league footballers are from BAME backgrounds

1.155 million micro business in UK with 1-9 employees
4.5 million single person enterprises UK ( No employees)


Firms owned by people of African and Caribbean origin generate over £10 billion for the British economy